' NANCY' ' 82 by Serge Menichetti (FR) with Ro 80 engine            update: 29-11-2003

NANCY : AN ACT WITHOUT A REASON?                          translation by Eef Sluiter


It could become the FACEL VEGA of the years 1980, but it is extremely likely to succeed to the MONICA of the years 1970 at the heading of the " unhappy French hopes " ? Was NANCY presented at the end of year 1981 in a climate of indifference more than despairing?
<Facel Vega

The large car magazines devoted only some articles without conviction and nobody of them really was interested to know if the French industry was interested in this futuristic prototype. In this context where prudence became the rule number one, NANCY appears more than revolutionary, courageous quite simply. But time passes and courage was transformed into an act free of heroism. Definitely, French prestige did not interested anybody

NANCY is the living fruit of the imagination of a citizen of a city around the river Meuse, who found it completely normal to present after 8 years its drawings of a prototype to a certain TONY RUSSEL Positively allured by the project, TONY RUSSEL was then put in to materialize the idea, whatever the inevitable difficulties related to the so original realization should be.

The project, started in 1974 was ended at the end of the year 1981. Meanwhile, RUSSEL had to modify its plans several times, to give up certain technical solutions and to adopt other solutions of it and to proceed by looking for the choice of the power plant. But its great competence was not only the person in charge for that project of this theoretically foolish project. RUSSEL was also one excellent technician, he had passion for cars of all kinds, and its faith was that he had to move many mountains of disbelieve.

The result of these eight years of baited work, here : a roomy car with the strange and brutal lines, resembling LAMBORGHINI MARZAL .

And NANCY , is by no means presented to us like a simple study of style or a prototype of show. It rolls like any other car of great names and its creator even affirm that its construction in series could be reasonably considered as of now.


NANCY has a very personal silhouette, a little awkward under certain angles, but refreshing in its aesthetic radicalism.

The mechanics and the form came from the most interesting car of these last 15 years, namely the NSU Ro80 with rotary engine WANKEL with the too short career.

But maybe it was a temporary solution ; its creator indeed thought of a PORSCHE mechanics which would bring an extremely welcome addition of power, taking into account the fact that this rather imposing car 4,80 m in length and a width of 1,97 m and had a weighs of 1300 kilos.

Another interesting element of NANCY resides in the system vertical opening of its 4 doors, whose setting in motion does not fail to cause admiration of the public. The interior offers exceptional enough place for 5 people of medium size, who had 5 seats individually very accessible and the general completion appears without reproach.

SBARRO the Suisse car-designer seems to have participated or taken part by far in this realization, which would explain the quality of the general presentation of the vehicle. NANCY is condemned to finish its existence as a prototype in a museum .

The Minister of industry and research has a certain dynamic approach in his actions for new opportunities. It would make the future of NANCY more possible by trying to convince French investors to grant finances for this project. Just as it is, it could indeed find its place on the market as a car of prestige and to compete with MERCEDES and BMW in France, still it is necessary that the French customers need to appreciate such a futuristic car and with an engine of a French manufacture.(Citroen-Birotor?)

A V6 power would be a better engine, but TONY RUSSEL could not afford seeing it installed under the hood of LA NANCY , and that is easy understood!

For the moment this attractive car is still at the stage of prototype TR 001. Who will have courage to finance the project and to show the way of glory to him ?

Principal Design features :

Model :

Prototype NANCY TR001

Sedan 4 doors

Dimensions :

Length :4,80 m

Width : 1,97m

Height : 1,18 m

Wheelbase : 2,86 m

Front track 1,43 m

Rear track 1,40 m

Weight 1300 Kilos

Current engine : NSU WANKEL 115CH DIN